There are several rebate providers in British Columbia for different appliances. In this section we are going to introduce you the rebate providers and their different rebate programs:


FORTIS BC Residential Rebates:

Furnace Rebate up to $1000

Water Heater up to $1000

Connect to natural gas: Space and water heating up to $3700

Boiler and combination system rebate $1500

Furnace and boiler for low income families up to $3000

Fireplace rebate up to $300

Wall mounted furnace rebate $2600

FORTIS BC commercial Rebates:

You can find a lot of different rebates for different type of businesses in this link

CLEAN BC Better Home Rebates: You can find a group of rebates on different appliances and particularly on Heat pumps depending on the areas you live using their rebate tool as follows

CANADA Greener homes grants: You can find Heat pump rebates on this source as follows:

There are also municipal rebates that may be available. Please check each city’s websites to get more information about rebates in your city.